Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Grand Bahama Located?

Grand Bahama Island is located less than 60 miles from the coast of Florida making it a fast, easy and affordable getaway.

How do we get to Grand Bahama Island?

Getting to Grand Bahama Island is a breeze. Hop on a plane and you could be on the beach by noon; board a cruise and make this island one of your ports of call, or depart on a cruise ship from West Palm Beach or Fast Ferry from Ft. Lauderdale and enjoy a relaxing glide to our tropical destination. For an even more intimate journey, charter a boat or plane and travel your way.  For entry requirements

Can we rent a vehicle?

Rental vehicles are readily available on the island.  You can choose to rent a car, jeep, motor scooter or bicycles.  Please let us know more about your preferred mode of transport.  Contact us!