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Out Da Sea – Da Cay Bar, Kevin – Grand Bahama’s ultimate Mixologist

Feeling a little frisky? Kevin can mix up the right drink to complement your mood. Tell him what you like and he’ll be sure to mix you up an unforgettable drink.


Terry’s Conch Salad – In the quaint settlement of Smith’s Point, you will find this Conch shack next to the Anglican Church, serving up freshly made conch salad. Coolers of beer waiting in the wings… Wednesdays are the big night; however, you will find Terry at this location almost everyday from noon until… If you’re looking for a little more, his sisters are at his back, cooking up conchy conch fritters, fried fish, baked macaroni and cheese and a variety of other Bahamian delights.



Upstairs – Bell Channel Inn

Agave - $2 Tuesday’s


$2 Dolla Bar – Gone Legit!


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Fritz Thompson - Sweetings Cay

E & J’s Café

Pelican Point




Flying Fish Gastro bar